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Spending the War Chest

30th August 2015

Google has been one of the biggest and fastest success stories in corporate history. Now cash rich and embedded in the everyday lives of a billion users, Google has begun to think “what next?” You can’t help but have noticed the plethora of things that they’ve been dabbling with from Google Glasses to driverless cars via mapping, mobile, translation and devices.  What are they up to?  In the words of their new CEO, they are trying to figure out how to reach the next billion users. Those users are likely to be in the developing rather than the developed economies and they’re far more likely to be using a mobile handset than a desktop. Take a look at what Sundar Pichai the new CEO of Google has to say about where the organization is headed and why it is headed there. Then, ask yourself does this look like an organization with a clear strategic direction or does it look like a triumph or resources over ideas? Only time will tell.

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