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Less is More

17th August 2015

The last decade has witnessed a boom in the digital consumption of movies and television. We are now used to the idea of consuming a whole TV series in one sitting and we expect the production values of new shows to be as high, if not higher than, their cinematic equivalent. Big name stars, writers, directors and producers are working across both TV and cinema with major players are keen to secure your business. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others are competing to secure monthly subscriptions on the basis of both the back catalogue on offer and exclusive new content offerings. When the BBC parted company with the team behind Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond, May and Wilman turned up at Amazon Prime with a big budget and bigger ambitions. So is the only way to compete to further extend the already sizeable catalogue of shows and films that subscribers can see? Not necessarily. Many subscribers struggle with the overwhelming choice confronting them on the home page, aggrieved that they spend more time deciding what to watch than they do watching anything. In contrast, Mubi focuses on a curated collection of 30 movies at any one point in time. Each carefully chosen by the providers with one new film added, and one existing film removed from the collection each day. Following a strategy of less is more, and focusing on the particular skill of choosing movies on your behalf creates a niche where Mubi might have an advantage. It won’t work for everyone but it might work for enough people to make it viable. As an example of trying out-think a better resourced competitor, Mubi offer a thought provoking illustration of a resource-driven strategy.

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