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15th September 2015

The BBC reported yesterday that around 35% of UK jobs will be automated within the next 20 years. As with all such predictions, there is the nagging worry that it could be right. The original research by Frey and Osborne suggests that those roles which involve creativity and/or manual dexterity will be most resistant to automation. The authors point to Keynes and his assertion, in 1933, that we would find more efficient ways of working faster than we would find ways of redeploying those who had been rendered obsolete. This in turn introduces the nagging worry that the prediction could be wrong. If Keynes has been arguing that technology would displace or replace the worker since the 1930s, surely there’s nothing to worry about? With all such long term trends it comes down to timing. For that reason, it is helpful to have a trend-driven strategist in your team since they, by their nature, notice what is changing and join the dots in new ways that others have not yet seen. If you’re not sure which kind of strategist you are then try the free Stride app in the Apple store, or register here to get a full diagnosis of your strategy style. Meantime, work on those nimble fingers and bright ideas.

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