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Internationally recognised experts in the field of strategy.  

We are recognised innovators with a reputation for the clarity and discipline of our thinking. As Professors of Strategy we are proud of our academic roots and prouder still of the results our work has produced in the organizations we have partnered with – our research is published in the world’s best academic journals and helps our partners to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re trying to develop a strategy or are studying the development of strategy, joining Stride is a great way to build your knowledge and skills.  Keep up to date with our research and get early sight of the latest developments in strategy on a wide range topics including practitioner strategy, practice-based methodology, strategy and art, creative action, complexity and strategy as practice. You can visit the website for the Strategic Management Society’s Glasgow conference which we hosted in 2013 and you can read one of the papers we’ve produced with one of the founders a leading UK business.

Why not join Stride and benefit from our research. You could take a look at our latest book or try a free sample chapter.

We hold an exclusive licence for the Strategy Profiler which we developed whilst working for the University of Glasgow.


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